Benefits to Body, Mind and Spirit


During fasting your body gets a well deserved rest, giving it the chance to divert its natural healing energy to the job of repair and rejuvenation at the deepest level - cell level. Detox speeds up new cell regeneration and provides a much needed rest for all of your internal organs. Detox helps to rebalance body chemistry, retrain the palate, speed up the elimination of wastes and bring a new vitality to the whole body.

Mind and Emotions

Clarity of mind is often one of the first things people notice during detox. As the physical body rejuvenates, so the mind begins to clear. Emotions can also surface during fasting; as the body detoxifies, it releases old stored emotions. A truly holistic detox combines the physical fasting and cleansing with complementary therapies to help the release old emotions in a safe and professional environment.


Fasting has long been used as a way of helping to connect with the spiritual self. We take care bring you to peaceful places where you can slow down and be still. In the stillness, the spiritual can be heard.




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Benefits to Body, Mind and Spirit