Our Detox Programme

At Detox International, we offer what we believe to be a truly holistic detox programme.

“My experience with clients never fails to show me that understanding the
mind / body / spirit connection is the most important part of the healing process”.

Founder, Midi Fairgrieve.

For a detox programme to be truly holistic and life changing, it has to work at the deepest levels in a harmonious and gentle way which encourages healing from the very depths of a person.

Working with our clients during the week entails close observation of how each individual is progressing and tailoring the detox to their personal needs. Where an underlying emotional cause has been identified as a trigger factor in the disease process, this too can be helped with one of the many complementary therapies or professional counselling on offer.

Our role is to help you move in leaps and bounds towards optimum health and vitality during your week’s stay with us. Experience has shown us that our return rate is very high! – A sure sign that the detox investment continues to pay off well after the suntan has faded!

FASTING on juices and broth

Fasting is one of the oldest curative processes known to man; creating the right conditions for the body to heal itself.

At Detox international we combine this ancient knowledge with new knowledge to provide a juice fasting programme which is both safe and effective. A juice based fast has a greater ability to encourage healing compared to fasting on just water. Juice fasting both cleanses the body AND supplies it with essential nutrients and enzymes, vital for the detox process.

Our detox programme consists of a unique and powerful combination of juices and additional nutritional and herbal supplements; colon cleansing; yoga and relaxation; plus a range of complementary therapies.
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Colon Cleansing

Colon cleansing is an essential part of all profound detox programmes since it is not just a question of mobilising toxins out of the cells, but getting them completely out of the body. At Detox International we favour the use of enemas (coffee and herbal) directly supporting the liver, the body’s greatest detoxification organ, to detox quickly and efficiently. We have found enemas to be the best way to support both liver and bowel detoxification.
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Yoga for detoxification

Yoga is an integral part of our detox programme and makes a wonderful start to each day.
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Our detox programme

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