Midi Fairgrieve founder of Detox International

by Midi Fairgrieve, Founder of Detox International

I first came across the healing power of detox when studying nutritional medicine over 20 years ago with the pioneering biochemist, Professor Lawrence Plaskett. He taught me that detoxification is the foundation of healing; it was then that the seed was sown, which many years later inspired me to start Detox International. Fasting is about the most powerful thing you can do to your body.

When we ran the first detox retreat in 2004 I didn’t know for certain if the concept would work, but I passionately believed it would. I took a big risk; moving with my family from our home in Scotland, to start something new in Spain. There must have been a magic in the air, because very soon after coming to Spain I met 2 incredible therapists called Yair and Ziza, and so began Detox International.

Since then we have grown into a detox family of highly experienced detox therapists, passionate about helping people to change their lives through our unique and supported detox programme. In 2006 we were lucky enough to be filmed for a British TV series called ‘The Spa of Embarrassing Illnesses’. It was seen all over the world and brought people to our retreats from as far away as South Africa, Canada and Australia. We now have another Detox International team running retreats in South Africa and a new team soon to be starting in Australia. These are exciting times.

Back on that first retreat in 2004, I saw clients experience the full potential of the detox process and it’s powerful healing energy, and at that moment I knew for certain, this detox retreats ‘thing’ was going to change lives, not least my own.

During our retreats we’ll give you a healthy dose of nutritional information, inspire you to change things about your life, and help you understand yourself better.  We give everyone personal time and a comprehensive nutritional consultation, looking at your diet and lifestyle after the retreat, so that you can keep up the positive changes you have started when you get home. We don’t advocate radical diets or strict regimes; the idea is to help you to take a step closer towards optimum health and empower you to look after your own health and well being.

We can’t make promises about our retreats but we can say that we make, what we believe to be, the best environment in which you can heal, find yourself again and revitalize at the very core of your being. We’ll support and help you all the way. We’re dedicated and experienced in this work. We love what we do and you’ll feel that when you meet us.

We hope we have inspired you to take a big jump towards vibrant health and happiness by joining one of our retreats, where personal transformation on all levels is very likely to happen.


Below, our introductory video as shown on YouTube.

Detox International – as seen on UK Style TV ‘The Spa of Embarrassing illnesses’