Barbara Sowter

Barbara SowterReiki Master

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Faster EFT, Emotrans (Emotional Transformation), Matrix Reimprinting,”The Work” (by Byron Katie), Inner Journey work to heal the wounded child and Shadow work (bringing into the light and healing the repressed thoughts and emotions).

I have been involved and assisted in personal growth workshop, and Meditation Retreats.

I am also an artist and create ceramic meditative sculptures in clay with the invitation to look within for our own liberation.

Coming from a background of therapeutic massage, meditation, polarity therapy and reiki starting 40 years ago, I have chosen for the last 10 years to focus mainly on distressing the mind.

I concentrate on changing damaging thoughts and beliefs, addressing traumas and the consequent emotions that arise from them, so that we can find peace and increase our joy and passion in life.

Some of these techniques can be easily learned and you will be given the tools to deal with those moments of stress effectively to bring you back into balance.
They can become a life skill if you use these tools consistently to deal with life’s challenges

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