The DETOX SHOP – come and see all our new products

We have added a whole range of NEW PRODUCTS to our detox shop. In addition to our own brand detox supplements we now stock alkalizing green foods, healthy oils e.g. flax and coconut, plus alkalizing water filters. Come and see for yourself and make this year your healthiest year yet.

At the Detox International shop you will find a range of detox supplements and related health items especially chosen for their quality and effectiveness. We only sell products that we personally know and love. Every product is chosen for being honest, pure and living up to the highest ethical standards. Our aim is to help you find greater health and happiness through taking care of your body, mind and spirit and these products will help support that journey.

All of the orders placed through our online shop are fulfilled by Water for Health, who are leading suppliers of high-quality health products that are dedicated to providing people with the tools that they need to achieve and maintain optimum health.

The Shop website is for our range of high-quality health products, which includes; detox supplements, enema bags, green superfoods, healthy oils and alkaline water filters.

Follow this link to the the Detox International Shop to view our Own Brand Products, and also items from Biocera, Vibrant Health and Omega Nutrition.