A selection of detox testimonials from our clients

Thank-you for a wonderful, unforgettable experience. I am leaving this place with a whole lot of knowledge and tranquility. Thank-you for your patience and I too thank-you for those ‘dreaded’ and unexpected drinks.
Maria from Swaziland

A highly professional, thought provoking and probably life-changing week. I learnt a great deal from all of you and found all of our leaders to be inspiring, empathetic and encouraging. Thank-you very much.
Sue – Capetown

Great. This was a real eye opener. I came for a body detox and got a lot more than that…body mind and soul was detoxed. A great program, I will be back!”
Jose – Swaziland

This has been life changing for me, I hope many other people get to experience this retreat. Thanx so much detox team, it wouldn’t be the same without you”…

6 months later:
“I am doing so much better this year; there are no words to describe how much the detox changed my life. I can actually go to classes now and study well!

I’ve been to 2 of my doctors so far and both of them are so impressed with my results and say that it’s the best I’ve looked since being diagnosed. All my bloods are in the proper range and although the lupus is still there I’m looking forward to more detox’s so that that can eventually improve.

I’m sticking to the gluten free dairy free diet and it definitely makes a difference.
Izzy from Joburg

What an amazing experience – it exceeded my expectations. Thanks so much to a wonderful, special team of people – the support was wonderful. The beautiful surroundings were the cherry on top.
Chantal – Capetown

Great experience, was definitely an eye-opener and I have gained so much valuable information. Great people and amazing place – absolutely loved every minute! Will definitely come back!!! Thank-you for everything. Fantastic detox team.
Chantal (Pretoria)

Thank-you and wow! You have helped me change my life for the better. It has been a long time coming and you helped me break through. I have made a real SHIFT.
Nats (Joburg)

What an amazing experience. The therapists were fantastic and the advice given I will take forward and integrate into my life. Thanks to all involved, keep up the good work.
Liz (Joburg)

A really eye opening experience. Philippa, Emma and Nicole were truly inspirational, informative and a font of knowledge. Thank-you so much.
Maggie (Joburg)

I arrived with no expectations of what was to come other than a thought I would suffer the whole week of hunger. The entire experience could not have been drafted to be better MIND-BODY-SOUL! Every dream I had of what my life could become has been surpassed. Thank-you Wendy for bringing Detox International to us, thank-you Emma for sharing your knowledge, experience, thoughts and caring during this amazing part of my transition. Love, peace and inspiration to all.
Nic (Walvis Bay, Namibia.)

A truly special experience. Apart from physical cleanse, emotion mind and soul connection are also cleansed! Looking forward to my new life!
Love James (Pietermaritzburg)

I had the most wonderful and enlightening week, thank-you for everything. You have set me on the right path for life. Thank-you, lots of love, Sheridan
(Kwazulu natal)

It’s been a good and necessary week. I feel empowered to make the changes I need to and truly believe I will see a difference. Thanks for helping us every step of the way.
Kim (Joburg)

What a super staff, I had a most wonderful and enlightening week. Thank-you so much for making this world a better place.
Love Alla (Joburg)

Thank-you ALL! What a wonderful experience. It exceeded my expectation.
Love Karen (Joburg)

Dear Detox Team. Thank-you for the most enlightening week. It was very very special.
Love Sue (Joburg)