Nicole Harvey

Nicole HarveyNutritional Therapist (Dip.Dn.Sacct Itec)
Practitioner of Specialized Kinesiology
Touch for Health Practitioner
Director of Studies CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine)

Natural Health and healing has been Nicole’s passion since a young age. She studied diet and nutrition with the South African College of Complementary Therapies, obtaining her South African Certificate and International Diploma in 2003. For the last 10 years, Nicole has been using and promoting natural health products throughout South Africa, specifically focusing on detoxification of the colon and alkalinising the body.

Nicole has also completed various other courses in alternative therapy.

In 2006, thanks to a friend, Nicole discovered Specialised Kinesiology. Through a series of sessions she experienced how Specialised Kinesiology can help release and reframe unresolved issues, hurts, pain and resentments. These are often physically stored in the body and can lead to stress, tension, fatigue, lowered immune functioning and even weight gain. Nicole felt that Specialised Kinesiology could have a powerful impact on others and decided to further her studies.

Nicole has recently taken on a position as director of studies with CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine).

Nicole practices in Pietermaritzburg. She gives health talks on various topics to a wide range of audiences and has been interviewed on Radio talk shows on numerous occasions. Her mission and passion is to educate and empower people, giving guidance on how to balance their physical and nutritional needs as well as their emotional states in a practical way.