Sally Longden

Sally LongdenB Sc. Degree (University of Natal), Teacher, Nutrition Higher Dipl (Stellenbosch), Universal Energy therapist, Psych-K therapist, International lecturer in Natural Progesterone Therapy

Sally is passionate about empowering others to help themselves. Through various ways of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual teaching, she helps people to heal. The key is making the recipients aware of their own power.

Although her “qualifications” are listed below, she admits the greatest teacher is life itself. She came from “scientific tunnel vision” to “jumping out of the box”, when she developed breast cancer 26 years ago. The diagnosis was not good and it was then that she found the “holistic approach to healing” which she has continued to study and expand upon.

Apart from being a member of the Detox Int, team, she runs her own Quantum Healing retreats in McGregor, W Cape, primarily for people with cancer, but open to all who wish to take charge of their health and life.

Sally has a BSc Degree majoring in Psychology. She taught Maths and Biology at a private school in Zimbabwe for many years. When she migrated to Botswana she started a school, Clifton School in Francistown, for her young daughter, where she was acting head and chairman of the board for a couple of years. For the last 25 years she has been expanding her knowledge in the Holistic field… Nutrition, Bowen, Universal Energy, Hypnotherapy, ‘Heart and Soul Healing’, Psych-K.

She lectures on the subject of Natural Progesterone therapy all over the world, and some 10 years ago developed her own pure progesterone cream, Naturone. She has also been running Quantum Healing courses since she arrived in South Africa in 2003.