Tasha Saha

Tasha SahaYoga Teacher

Tasha Saha has been a practioner of Hatha Yoga for more than 10 years and is the resident Yoga Instructor at Fordoun Spa in the Natal Midlands. Her classes offer a gentle, supportive environment in which participants may foster a deeper awareness and sympathetic understanding of the self.

Yoga engages and integrates body, mind and spirit and is of particular benefit in a detox programme. Its massaging and toning action on the internal organs assists the digestive, lymphatic, respiratory, and circulatory systems with the elimination of toxins and waste matter. By balancing centers within the energetic body, the free flow of life energy is enabled on all levels, whilst the practices of meditation and relaxation allow the release of mental stress, negative thought patterns and physical tension.

In line with her involvement in holistic health, Tasha has developed the Miöja range of natural, organic skin care. The careful inclusion of specific herbal extracts, essential oils and flower and crystal essences create products that are effective not only on the skin but within the bio-energetic field, working in harmony with the body’s systems to bring balance on all levels. Trial sizes of Miöja products will be included in retreatants welcome packs.

On the detox retreats Tasha also offers wonderful relaxing facials using her natural products as well as energy balancing reiki treatments.