Wendy Greenway

Wendy Greenway Detox InternationalOwner and Director of Detox International Southern Africa

Wendy is the person responsible for bringing Detox International’s unique detox retreats to Southern Africa whereas they were previously only available in Spain and Portugal. A former client of Detox International herself, (Wendy travelled all the way from Zimbabwe to Spain to attend a detox there in December 2008); Wendy was so taken with the process that she became determined to make them available closer to home.

She entered into a partnership with Midi Fairgrieve early in 2009 and began to travel to South Africa from Zimbabwe in search of the right team and the right venue for the detoxes. Wendy is not a trained therapist yet, although she is pursuing her interest in energy medicine and plans to work on her own detoxes in the near future once she is qualified to do so.

Wendy has a Bachelor of Education from the University of South Africa majoring in guidance and counselling and so she brings her counselling skills to her work. She will be overseeing each detox retreat, especially in the early stages, to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that clients are well taken care of.

Wendy has a keen interest in natural health and alternative medicine and also holds a passionate belief in the mind-body connection. She is dedicated to ensuring that the detox retreats run exactly as they do in Spain and Portugal and works closely with the owner and founder of Detox International, Midi Fairgrieve, to ensure that all details are taken care of in order to preserve that ethos of the detox process and make sure that clients get the same quality of experience in South Africa as they do in Europe, albeit with a uniquely South African flavor!